I, Humpty & Grimm Report Featured On Public Radio

18 Nov


Author, Eric Wilder (that’s me), was part of a panel discussion on NPR’s Rochester affiliate WXXI. What words of wisdom did he bestow upon the listening public? Click the link and find for yourself!

Writing and the Book Industry

Let him know where he got it wrong in the comments section below. Cheers!


Thrill Seekers Grab Gryphon by the Toe, Unsure What to Do Next

16 Nov

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Furry Creatures Correspondent,
Jess E. Owen
jessowen.com | @JE_Owen

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND–The notorious YouTube sensation and thrill-seeking Eenie Meenie Miney group have struck again, but this time, the thrill struck back. “Everyone’s done tigers,” says cult star Mo, leader of the gang. “We wanted to up the ante.”

And how. Iceland is one of the few countries left to host a small but mighty population of the felis-avian species–known in pop culture as gryphons.

Led by a local Inuit guide, the group snuck up on a slumbering specimen, roughly the size of an African lion, and seized him by one hind toe. The feathery feline woke promptly, snatched Mo’s hat from his head and tore it into three pieces–the guide said–as a warning. Continue reading

Rapunzel Imprisoned in Ivory Tower Following Academic Dispute

3 Nov

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Education Correspondent,
Jocelyn Koehler
http://teamblood.org | @jocelynk414

At a local university, a disagreement between two rival professors has taken a more serious turn. Rapunzel Green, the daughter of one professor, is now locked in a disused and inaccessible tower on campus. She is being held prisoner by the Old Enchantress, who also happens to be the Dean of Magic and Horticultural Studies.

“He poached on my area of study when he published an article on magic beans in the Journal of Paranormal Botany,” she said haughtily. “Everyone knows that I’m the expert on that! But he didn’t make me a co-author or even cite my works. So I took his daughter and locked her in my tower as punishment. Hmpf. That’ll teach him to mess with the academic hierarchy!” Continue reading

I, Humpty is Now Available in Four Formats

21 Oct

I, Humpty by Eric Wilder

I, Humpty is now available for purchase in four different formats. You can get buy the paperback on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. There is a hardcover book also available. The ebook is available on amazon.com. I, Humpty is also available as an audiobook on iTunes and audible.com. You are invited to take a look, or listen… or both. Cheers!

Grimm Report Podcast for August 18th, 2014

18 Aug


Larry Shampoe with the disappointment of Dante’s Travel Agency. Jocelyn Koehler reports on how an orphan’s outlandish request leads to ouster. Allison Christie hosts!

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Orphan’s Outlandish Request Leads to Ouster

15 Aug
Oliver Twist pictured alongside Mr. Bumble.

Oliver Twist pictured alongside Mr. Bumble.

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Labor Correspondent,
Jocelyn Koehler
http://teamblood.org | @jocelynk414

The board of the local human capital management services corporation, overseen by Mr. Bumble, has just announced the liquidation of an asset. One Oliver Twist, nine years of age, is available as an apprentice (any trade), and even includes a five pound signing bonus.

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Dante’s Travel Agency Disappoints

12 Aug

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Travel Correspondent,
Larry Shampoe
idiotprufs.com | @idiotprufs

Westfield, NY–When Virgil and Beatrice, an unassuming couple from a small town in Western New York, booked a vacation package through Dante’s Travel Agency, they were anticipating a needed injection of excitement into their life, a break from the humdrum. “We purchased the Inferno package,” Beatrice explained, “it seemed like it would be fiery and exhilarating.”

The vacation they got was not what they anticipated.

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Grimm Report Podcast for August 4th, 2014

4 Aug


Excerpts from the book I, Humpty. There is less then one week left to the Kickstarter campaign. Allison Christie reports!

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Grimm Report Podcast for July 22nd, 2014

22 Jul


What’s afoot with the Five Little Piggies? Have you seen this old man? The Grimm Report Podcast with Allison Christie!

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What’s Been Afoot for the Five Little Piggies?

17 Jul

WINSTON-SALEM, NC– Having grown exhausted of loafing around together for longer than either could remember, the Five Little Piggies decided that it was best if they made their own plans for the past day. The First Little Piggy went to market, specifically Whole Foods. Someone used the last of his coconut oil for tropical quinoa pilaf. It was intended for oil pulling. Though none of the other Four Piggies divulged who made the dish, none could deny its divine flavor.

Also, the First Little Piggy ran low on kombucha.

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